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3. Yes, I have taken someone’s virginity
19. I haven’t had sex today cause I just left school and my hunny is in an afterschool credit recovery thing
28. I hung out with these two cuties who are dating and we were talking about how weird the girl’s family is. Like the mom won’t let them hold hands when he’s around her and like her brother is attracted to their mom but also might not even know what sexy even means even though he’s twelve, because her mom like censors her children’s lives to the best of her abilities.

nicki minaj is one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen this is real life


Racially based dating preferences are not made in a vacuum and I’m really tired of hearing that excuse

Because I have yet to hear an explanation about why someone doesn’t date a poc group that didn’t involve an extremely racist ass stereotype embedded in white supremacy and fetishism

Dating preferences are influenced by the white supremacist society we live in. When you are exposed to light, bright and white all your damn life, that shit is internalized.

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